Water: the new power for machines!

A must-see technology for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, medicine, cosmetics, semiconductor manufacturing, packing, and transportation industries!

"Aqua Drive System" (ADS), an innovative water hydraulic technology and a fourth alternative to electric, oil hydraulic, and pneumatic drive systems, uses "tap water" as working fluid.
Measures against global warming encompass three technical aspects: "energy savings," "energy regeneration," and "recycling/reuse." Meanwhile, "the availability of safe water" and "the sustainable use of water" are also increasingly serious issues. "Water" is an important energy medium that meets these technical, environmental and social requirements. ADS technology eliminates the necessity for additional water/drip-proof protection, allows easy cleaning of all equipment with water, and provides 100% oil-free and explosion-proof operation that greatly improves operational safety. Visit the booth and experience the technology!


ADS(Aqua Drive System:新水压传动技术)是继电动、油压、气压后的,用"自来水"作为工作流体的第4种传动技术。

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The Japan Fluid Power Association
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